As part of the Long-Term Sustainability Plan for the Great Plains/Rocky Mountain HSRC, a parallel organization called the National Environmental Services Consortium (NESC) will support collaborative activities through strategic partnerships and projects developed by its members. Startup and seed funding for research, information sharing, applied problem solving, and technical assistance projects will come from membership dues. The majority of funds for subsequent activities will come from federal, state, and private sponsors. Advantages of NESC membership will include access to strategic teaming arrangements and initiatives, pooled funds and other resources that will offer a competitive advantage. Success of this concept will depend on proactive members that can identify and pursue win-win opportunities. Members will have a seat on an advisory board that will determine how membership dues are spent, proposal initiatives, and other matters.

Description of NESC initiative

Proposed Project Activities (Partial Listing)

Agenda-Informational Meeting, 7:30 p.m., May 23, 2000

Contact Information:

Larry Erickson

Blase Leven