How To Connect via Remote Desktop

Please note that while this FAQ is generally true for all Remote Desktop connections to campus, it is actually very specific for departmental computers in the departments that CECS supports: ARECNS, BAE, ChE, CE and ECE.
For connecting to the Computing Lab Virtual Desktops, please reference the FAQ.

For Windows computers

  • To connect from off-campus, you must first connect to the campus through K-State's Virtual Private Network (VPN). Attempts to connect directly will not work. On-campus connections do not need to (and should not) use the VPN. VPN software (free for K-State faculty/staff/students) is is available to download from the K-State Virtual Private Network website.
  • Once connected to the VPN, start the Remote Desktop Connection (Start | All Programs | Accessories | Remote Desktop Connection) and type in the hostname of the computer (in the format of, where xx0000 is the CECS-affixed asset tag:Sticker on your desktop).
asset-tag remote-desktop
  • Click "Connect" and you will be prompted for your credentials - use "users\<username>" and your password. After those are accepted, you will be logged into your office computer from off campus.
  • If you have multiple monitors and want the remote to display on all, click on the Show Options drop down. When the options come up, click on the display tab and click the box for Use all my monitors for the remote session.