Using Wireless in the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering and At K-State

Wireless coverage in the college

For over a decade, the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering has provided wireless coverage for college buildings. Currently, all wireless coverage is provided by (and managed by) K-State's Information Technology Services group.

As of January 2015, we are in the process of a major wireless upgrade involving the entire Engineering complex (Durland, Rathbone, and Fiedler Halls). This upgrade will give complete coverage throughout the entire complex.

In addition, there is excellent wireless coverage in the plaza areas immediately outside the main Engineering complex, so you can stay connected while outdoors.

More information is available on the K-State wireless page.

Important things to know about wireless LAN Security

Privacy and security
  • For KSU Wireless and KSU Housing, all data you send and receive will be encrypted on the wireless network. Other wireless users will not be able to decrypt and view your data. However, your data will not be encrypted end-to-end.
  • For KSU Guest there is no encryption. All data can be seen by any wireless user. Users of KSU Guest should make the prudent assumption that they have no privacy protection for data transmitted or received over the wireless link.

How to get help using wireless LANs

Carl R. Ice College of Engineering Computing Services:
K-State's Help Desk: