1066 Rathbone Hall Recording Room

Engineering recording rooms reservation policy

Classrooms MUST BE RESERVED in advance by contacting —

K-State Information Technology Services
214 Hale Library

Technical support

K-State Information Technology Services
Technology Classroom Hotline: (785) 532-5798


1066 Rathbone Hall has the capability for someone to record themselves using the Creston touchscreen interface. Make sure whatever you want recorded is set to the left of the display.

1066 home screen

To record in 1066 Rathbone Hall you must bring a flash drive and plug it into the proper USB port on the podium.

1066 flashdrive needed screen

1066 usb port

After inserting your flash drive, the Recorder tab on the panel should display the following:

1066 ready to record screen

This screen shows the amount of recording time that can be stored on your flash drive, as well as allows you to choose the layout of the recording (The default will record the camera and content side by side.). This screen is also where you will begin and end recording.

Before starting you should remember the following:

  1. Choose and set up the camera (Select Instructor if you want to record yourself.).
  2. Choose and set up the content to the left of the display by clicking on the Source desired and then clicking the button under Left Display on the Send To column.
  3. Choose a microphone from either ceiling, lapel or podium mics. Turn it on to make sure it is not muted or on low.

1066 volume screen

A preview of what is recorded will be shown on a screen to the right of the PC.

1066 preview screen

After this setup, if the preview screen is to your liking, go to the Recorder tab and begin recording. Hit Pause whenever you want and hit Record again to continue. Be sure to Stop your recording before the time limit allowed by your flash drive.