Lab Software

We strive to keep the same software in all of our labs. Some software is restricted to departmental labs and/or students with certain majors; these are listed in the Restricted To column. Sometimes we are forced to have a different configuration in a certain lab. In this case at the bottom of the page there will be an Other Labs header. If there are labs currently configured differently, they will automatically show up here with a link to their current software setup.

To request software to be added to our offerings, please use this form. We need this form on file to keep track of when software is requested and that it is legal. Please note, starting in 2019, we only keep software installed for two years from the date it is requested. If you wish to keep it installed longer, you must submit a new form.

All of our lab computers are running Windows 10 Enterprise Edition (64bit).

View each of our computer lab spaces for more information.