David C. Everitt

"Combining business objectives, appropriate technology and social support programs to help feed a hungry world"

Tuesday, March 11, 2014
1:30 p.m. - Fiedler Hall Auditorium

David C. Everitt


Much has been written in the past few years about the possibility of a global shortfall of food production between now and 2050. The assumptions made which yield this outcome are the projected growth in global population, the impact of improved wealth in emerging markets (and the resulting improvement in diets), and the impact of urbanization on the available land and labor to produce crops.

Conventional wisdom suggests that current productivity and yield trends must improve dramatically to solve this potential food shortfall. Nowhere is the impact more challenging than in places where most farmers are considered small landholders, such as in Africa. In these areas – the challenge is not only the need to increase productivity – but also how to enable a transition from subsistence level farming to sustainable and meaningful contributor in global food production.

However, demonstration projects have shown one possible way to address the challenge. Appropriate, currently available technology combined with programs teaching small landholders basic business skills and ‘on the ground’ support programs to assure sustainable results can make these small landholders meaningful contributors to both their local economy and to the need to feed future generations.

Biographical Sketch

David C. Everitt retired as President, Agriculture and Turf Division – North America, Asia, Australia, and Sub-Saharan and South Africa, and Global Tractor and Turf Products in September 2012. Prior to his retirement, he was responsible for the sales and marketing regions of U.S. & Canada, Australia & New Zealand, Asia (including China, India, and South East Asia), and Africa (including Sub-Saharan and South Africa) and product platform groups consisting of all tractors and turf and utility products. He also had enterprise-wide responsibility for Information Technology and the Intelligent Solutions Group.

Dave joined the company in 1975 as an engineer at Deere & Company. He held a variety of management positions in the areas of industrial engineering, production engineering, mechanical services and sales throughout the company. Everitt was appointed Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Deere’s EAME operations in 1999. He was appointed President of Deere’s Agricultural Division in September 2001. During his time as a Senior Officer, he also had enterprise responsibility for Human Resources & Compensation, Engineering, and Supply Management.

Everitt serves on the board of directors for Harsco Corporation, Agrium, Brunswick and Gates Corporation. In addition, he serves on the board of Directors for the National Business Aviation Association, located in Washington, D.C. He is also a director of the Marco Island Yacht Club in Marco Island, FL.

A native of Concordia, Kansas, Everitt is a 1975 graduate of Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering.