General Engineering Courses

DEN 015

Engineering Student Success Seminar is a zero-credit course that supports engineering students who are enrolled in college algebra or plane trigonometry. Students will identify potential barriers to their success and gain access to related campus resources. This course will also assists students in developing effective academic skills including, but not limited to the following: time management, organization, learning styles, effective communication, academic planning and goal setting. Access is reserved for first-semester general engineering students in fall but is open to all students in the college in spring.

DEN 160

Engineering Orientation is a one-credit-hour, seminar-style course aimed at providing first-year students with an overview of all degree programs within the college. DEN 160 also serves as an orientation course by helping students consider study skills, time management, and important campus resources and opportunities. It is only offered for the fall semester and all students in general engineering participate.

DEN 161

Engineering Problem Solving is a one-credit-hour, lab-style course intended to complement DEN 160 for all first-year general engineering students enrolled in MATH 220 or higher. Here students gain hands-on experience with engineering problem solving. In addition to small projects from various engineering disciplines, time is also spent working on problem-solving skills and practices that cross-cut all engineering disciplines. Students gain experience working in an engineering design team. This course is offered in both fall and spring semesters.