Alumni Fellow

The K-State Alumni Fellows Program, sponsored by the Dean's Council, the President’s Office and the Alumni Association, recognizes alumni who have distinguished themselves in their careers.

Since 1983 the program has brought successful alumni back to campus to meet with students and faculty and share their expertise in the classroom and at informal settings.

Fellows are chosen by the dean of each college with nominations from faculty.

Award selection criteria

The nominee must be a graduate of K-State. The nominee should have been graduated long enough to have distinguished himself/herself in his/her chosen field. Fellows should currently be in the workforce in order to share current industry information with students and faculty.

2019 Carl R. Ice College of Engineering Alumni Fellow - Kevin E. Burke

Kevin E. Burke

Past recipients

Mike Wiegers, 2018
Mike Valentine, 2017
Randy Coonrod, 2016
Mitch Snyder, 2015
Mark Schonhoff, 2014
Cindy Wallis-Lage, 2013
Ray Dempsey, 2012
James Gieber, 2011
Tom Paulson, 2010
Carl Ice, 2009
Doug Sterbenz, 2008
Greg Tucker, 2007
Michelle Munson, 2006
Walter Robinson, 2005
Scott Love, 2004
Alan Sylvester, 2003
Charles Stryker, 2002
Randy Groves, 2001
Nadalie Bosse, 2000
Larry Strecker, 1999
Bud Peterson, 1998
Larry Geske, 1997
Jim Schroeder, 1996
Richard Donaldson, 1995
Norman Ray Bennett, 1994
Dixon Doll, 1993
Stan Rieb, 1992
Jim Grier, 1991
Richard Myers, 1990
Virgil Snell, 1989
Gary Edwards, 1988
Donald Prigmore, 1987
Joe Downey, 1986
Kenneth Collins, 1985
Gordon Goering, 1984
Gilbert Johnson, 1983

For additional information about the K-State Alumni Fellow program, please visit the K-State Alumni Association.