Hall of Fame

Induction into the Hall of Fame is the highest honor the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering bestows with fewer than 1% of graduates invited to become members of this elite group. Recipients will join former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers, ME '65; former NSF Director John Slaughter, EE '56; and former Cargill CEO, Warren Staley, EE '65, in this distinguished group.

Selection criteria

  1. Career success and accomplishment
  2. Active involvement with and support of the college
  3. Dedication to and engagement with Kansas State University
  4. Professional and public service

The Hall of Fame recognizes successful alumni who have reached the top levels of achievement in their career endeavors and who are committed to maintaining the highest standards of their profession. All alumni who are at least 20 years beyond graduation are eligible. In addition to alumni, each year one non-alumnus may be so honored. K-State faculty members are also eligible upon reaching emeritus status. Hall of Fame candidates are nominated by the college administration, faculty and alumni.

2022 Hall of Fame inductees

Hall of Fame Inductee

Larry E. Erickson
CHE '60, Ph.D. '64

Hall of Fame Inductee

Michelle C. Munson
EE '96

Hall of Fame Inductee

Cindy L. Wallis-Lage
CE '85

Hall of Fame recipients

Class of 1989
Raymond A. Adee, ME ’47
David C. Ayers, EE ’54
Roy A. Bainer, AGE ’26, M.S. ’29
Tom H. Barrett, CHE ’53
Fred J. Benson, CE ’35
Charles T. Carter, ME ’38
Donald R. Chesnut, EE ’50
Donald Christy, AGE ’33
Kenneth R. Collins, ME ’54
Joseph L. Downey, CHE ’59
Martin K. Eby Jr., CE ’56
Martin K. Eby Sr., CE ’29
Gary W. Edwards, CE ’63
Robert W. Exline, IE ’56
Gustave E. Fairbanks, AGE ’41, M.S. ’50
George J. Fiedler, EE ’26
John W. Frazier, CE ’35
Alexander R. Geldhof, EE ’41
Gordon D. Goering, CHE ’45
Stuart B. Hartman, CHE ’54
Darrell M. Hosler, ME ’59
Charles V. Jakowatz, EE ’44, M.S. ’47
Gilbert E. Johnson, CE ’55
Richard M. Kerschen, CE ’64
Joel P. Kesler, EE ’33
William R. Kimel, ME ’44, M.S. ’49
Edward J. King Jr., EE ’43
Clifford R. Krabbenhoft, CE ’38
William M. Lackey, CE ’63, M.S. ’75
Harold G. Lonsinger, ME ’56
Virgil F. Lundberg, EE ’34
Alvin J. Mistler, GEOL ’36
Walter R. Mitchell, EE ’32
Dean O. Morton, EE ’54
George V. Mueller, ME ’24, EE ’25
Phillip S. Myers, ME ’42
Ernest O. Nelson, CE ’47
LeRoy C. Paslay, EE ’30, M.S. ’34
Eugene Peltier, CE ’33
Donald G. Prigmore, CE ’55
Alwin H. Rector, EE ’37
James C. Richards, CHE ’34
Bruce E. Roberts, CE ’39
Ben Sellers, CE ’35
George Rhea Serpan, EE ’60
John W. Shupe, ME ’48
H.L. "Hal" Siegele, CHE ’47
John B. Slaughter, EE ’56
Lloyd T. Smith, ME ’47
Virgil H. Snell, ARE ’54
Austin W. Stedham, EE ’52
Karl K. Stevens, ME ’61
Robert G. Tointon, CE ’55
Loyal M. Van Doren, CE ’38
John W. Walters, EE ’60
A.R. "Jack" Way, ARE ’54
Claude L. Wilson, ME ’25, M.S. ’33

Class of 1990
Joseph F. Allison, CHE ’50
Chance Bahadur, NE ’62
Eugene L. Fieldhammer, CE ’50
William C. Higdon, ME ’34
William H. Honstead, CHE ’39, M.S. ’46
Mark H. Hulings, ME ’48
Richard D. Scherer, EE ’52 (Oklahoma State)
Harlan D. Stauffer, CE ’66
Neil R. Vander Dussen, EE ’55
John A. Weese, ME ’55

Class of 1991
James D. Callen, NE ’62, M.S. ’64
Carl M. Coonrod, ARE ’49
L. Bruce Johnson, EE ’47
Gary E. Luck, IE ’60

Class of 1992
Gerald G. Auerbach, ME ’50
Irvin S. Barnett, CE ’48
William H. Johnson, AGE ’48 (Ohio State)
Robert W. Keever, CE ’63
Gerald T. Oppliger, ME ’59

Class of 1993
Larry F. Burdge, ME ’58
Roger W. Dutton, ME ’56
James R. Grier III, CE ’60
Herbert N. Whitney, CE ’63

Class of 1994
Mark K. Enns, EE ’53
Laree A. Mugler, ME ’72
Gen. Richard B. Myers, ME ’65

Class of 1995
Benson Floyd Bachus, ME ’42
Jarold W. Boettcher, NE ’63
Donald E. Rathbone, EE ’51 (Purdue University)

Class of 1996
Edward J. Mulcahy, CE ’59
William I. Owen, EE ’50

Class of 1997
Kenneth K. Gowdy, ME ’55, M.S. ’61
Alan F. Kessler, AGE ’69
Warren R. Staley, EE ’65
Thomas M. Trent, EE ’73

Class of 1998
Richard W. Corbin, CHE '59
Timothy G. Taylor, CHE '75
Robert B. Thorn, CE '50

Class of 1999
Ivor J. Evans, EE ’65
David Dean Kays, AGE ’51
Frank A. Tillman, IE ’60 (University of Missouri)
Kuo-Ming Wang, IE M.S. ’72, Ph.D. ’75

Class of 2000
Arnold A. Allemang, CH ’65 (Sam Houston State)
Robert H. Smith, CHE ’59
Robert R. Snell, CE ’54, M.S. ’60

Class of 2001
Richard L. Donaldson, EE ’65
Donna D. Kottwitz, CHE ’75
Way Kuo, IE M.S. ’78, Ph.D. ’80
Charles M. Manley, EE ’73
Ronald J. Minarcini, CE ’60, M.S. ’61
Neera Singh, CHE M.S. ’83

Class of 2002
Arden J. Bradshaw, EE ’66
Randall R. Coonrod, CE ’74
L. Stuart Curtis, IE ’63, M.S. ’65
Vernon M. Wegerer, EE ’65

Class of 2003
Susan K. Buchanan, CS M.S. ’78
Robert C. Davis, IE ’69
Larry R. Foulke, NE ’60, M.S. ’61
Carl E. Nuzman, AGE ’53
George "Bud" Peterson, ME ’75, IE M.S. ’80
Charles A. Stryker, CE ’71
Terry R. Weaver, EE ’73

Class of 2004
Nadalie S. Bosse, IE ’80
Wayne A. Harms, CHE ’76
Gary L. Johnston, IE ’68
Thomas E. Mistler, NE ’63, M.S. ’66
Larry M. Strecker, IE ’80
Steven M. Theede, ME ’74

Class of 2005
Susan P. Barsamian, EE ’81
William E. Clarkson, CE ’49
Dixon R. Doll, EE ’64
Carl R. Ice, IE ’79
Greg A. Tucker, ME ’78
Edwin F. Wambsganss, CE ’62

Class of 2006
Larry J. Engelken, EE ’72
David C. Everitt, IE ’75
Cathy S. Ritter, CE ’75
Walter F. Robinson, CS ’72
James L. Tadtman, CE ’67

Class of 2007
Stephen L. Berland, CE ’72
Joe E. Farrar, ME ’70
Robert C. Iotti, NE ’64, M.S. ’67, Ph.D. ’70
Donovan J. Nickel, EE ’78, M.S. ’79
Susan C. Tholstrup, CHE ’81

Class of 2009
Warren Kent Wray, CE ’68

Class of 2010
Donald Lenhert, EE ’56
Lewis Von Thaer, EE ’83

Class of 2011
N.K. Anand, ME M.S. ’80
James M. Johnson, CNS ’84

Class of 2012
James R. Jaax, ME ’65, M.S. ’67
Douglas G. Smith, CE ’71

Class of 2013
James Michael Duncan, M.D., NE ’74
Mark Hutton, CNS ’77
Tom Paulson, CE ’73

Class of 2014
LTG Robert L. Caslen Jr., IE M.S. ’89
Alan Levin, ME ’69

Class of 2015
Chuck Grier, CNS ’73
Jim Schroeder, EE ’63

Class of 2016
Glen Fountain, EE ’65, M.S. ’66
Fred Stiers, CE ’74

Class of 2017
Mitch Snyder, EE ’83
M.A. "Meg" Yaege, ME ’79, M.S. ’84

Class of 2018
Doug R. Sterbenz, ME ’85
Alan L. Sylvester, CE ’75

Class of 2019
Gib Compton, CNS '80
Roger Farrell, CE '75
Steve G.K. Hsu, ME M.S. '59

Class of 2021
Michael R. Wiegers, EE '82
Charles E. Wilson, ME '62, M.S. '64, Ph.D. '72