Larry Erickson

 Larry Erickson (photo)



  Dr. Larry E. Erickson

  Professor Emeritus
  Kansas State University




  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University, 1960
  • Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Kansas State University, 1964

Areas of Interest and Experience

In 1964, Larry Erickson graduated from Kansas State University as its first Ph.D. student in chemical engineering. He was subsequently hired by the department, and went on to teach and inspire hundreds of students. Now,  has retired after 51 years, but is continuing his service as professor emeritus. Ever advocating for students, supporters and well-wishers are invited to make a gift to the Larry Erickson Fellowship Award, a fund to help offset the costs for educating chemical engineering graduate students.

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Larry Erickson was the first Director of the Center for Hazardous Substance Research (CHSR), and Professor of Chemical Engineering at Kansas State University.  Under his direction, the Center has provided long- and short-term environmental research related to key hazardous substance problems. These include soil and ground water remediation, waste minimization and pollution prevention associated with agriculture, forestry, mining and mineral processing with emphasis is on contaminated soil remediation. Significant advances in techniques for the remediation of contaminated soil developed through Erickson's research have resulted in cost savings at many field sites, including some in Kansas.

Contact Information

1012 Durland Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506
voice: (785) 532-4313

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