Speaker's Bureau


Speakers’ Bureau


The CESAS speakers’ bureau on sustainability and environmental stewardship provides communities and organizations with access to information and expertise on a wide range of topics related to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Experts from CESAS member organizations are available to travel to your community to share information and answer questions about a range of topics.

Possible topic areas and audiences are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list. If you are looking for a presentation on a sustainability or environmental stewardship topic not listed below, please contact the program organizers to make a specific request.  


    1. Solar
    2. Wind
    3. Biofuels
    4. Energy efficiency

Transportation and community design/infrastructure

    1. Bike paths/walking trails
    2. Rain gardens
    3. Green buildings

Global warming and climate change

Sustainable agriculture

    1. Local food systems

To view a list of speakers please click here.

CESAS expects that the presentations will be open to the public with a reasonable effort to inform the public of the meeting, the emphasis of the program will be on public education rather than advancing a political agenda, and the audience size will be 10 or more for each event.

To host a speaker for your organization or community, please contact Sheree Walsh (chsr@ksu.edu; 785-532-6519).

For more details on the CESAS Speakers’ Bureau, please contact:

Larry E. Erickson
Professor of Chemical Engineering and
Director, Center for Hazardous Substance Research,
Kansas State University

Email: lerick@ksu.edu
Phone: (785) 532-4313