2007 Dialog

2007 Second Annual Dialog on Sustainability

Thursday, July 19-20, 2007

Kansas State University

On July 19-20, 2007, the Consortium for Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability and its consortium partners hosted a Dialog on Civic Discourse and Sustainability on Environmental Stewardship in the Altai Republic, Russian Federation to disseminate information on current sustainability related activities, groups and resources; and to explore opportunities for further collaboration and future funding.

Announcement (PDF)

Summary (PDF)

Schedule (PDF)

Tours and Potluck (PDF)

Survey (PDF)

Presentations (click `PDF'):

Ecological Forecasting, Walter Dodds, Kansas State University (PDF)

• Eating as if the Future Matters, Ken Warren, The Land Institute

Landscape Architecture and Sustainability, Lee Skabelund, Kansas State University (PDF)

The Market for Transformation, Greg Norris, New Earth (PDF)

• Public Policy and Sustainability, John Carlin, Kansas State University

Sustainability and Economics, Jeff Peterson, Kansas State University (PDF)

• Applications of Solar and Wind Energy, David Sampson, Oak Grove Fabrication 

Green Chemistry and Green Engineering, Jennifer Anthony, Kansas State University (PDF)

University of Kansas Center for Sustainability, Jeff Severin, University of Kansas (PDF)

Sustainability Educational Activities, Laura Downey, KACEE (PDF)