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Engineering Hall

Why Build?

The college will recruit and retain high-quality students, provide outstanding faculty and technological facilities to the students, establish nationally-recognized research programs, capitalize on connections with alumni and corporate partners to strengthen education and research, prepare students and faculty for the changing global environment and disseminate new knowledge to the citizens of Kansas and the world to meet the land-grant mission.

K-State’s Carl R. Ice College of Engineering is the engineering program of choice in Kansas. Enrollment will continue to grow thanks to the University Engineering Initiative Act (UEIA), which aims to increase the number of engineering graduates by more than 50 percent in the state of Kansas over a 10-year period. To accommodate this unprecedented growth, we must build a new facility that will house the expected increase in enrollment and faculty, and help the college meet its goals while providing for a more integrated culture. This new expansion will be the foundation for the college, combining science, theory and technology in an atmosphere of innovation and collaboration.