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Carl R. Ice College of Engineering

Engineering Leadership Center
1046 Rathbone Hall
1701B Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506

Engineering Leadership Center 

ELC BrochureVision

The Engineering Leadership Center identifies students who exhibit marked leadership skills and capabilities, combining and directing these assets toward the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering programs and organizations designed for enhancing, expanding and honing excellence.


The Engineering Leadership Center provides opportunities for students who:

  • strive to broaden their academic education beyond the major discipline area;
  • demonstrate self-initiative and will take advantage of opportunities for personal and professional development;
  • want to develop and execute team-based plans and projects; and
  • aspire to be leaders in their professions, their communities and beyond.

The Engineering Leadership Center, or ELC, coalesces the capabilities of exceptional engineering students with tested leadership practices and skills, enabling them to become future leaders who will turn ideas into solutions, and continue the task of making science and technology synonymous with innovation, while exerting their talent and influence on all aspects of society.

Facilitators and coordinators within the ELC programs seek out and work with those students exhibiting the desire to expand their educational experience beyond the traditional coursework and projects of their majors. They recognize that “spark” and initiative in those who can transform an assigned task to a broader opportunity of impact and vision — albeit the birth of “leadership.”

Our Engineering Leadership and Innovation, or ELI, Program, in association with the Staley School of Leadership Studies, equips students with the skills and confidence needed to lead real-world engineering projects. Participants enroll in coursework in leadership and business, establish a relationship with an industry mentor, and experience corporate partner interactions that include on-site facility tours and on-campus corporate events. Students then create and implement innovative solutions on creative inquiry teams, where they compete in regional, national and international events on topics ranging from wind power to unmanned aircraft, developing practical skills in leadership and collaboration.

Membership opportunities in student leadership-based organizations round out the ELC umbrella: Engineering Ambassadors, whose mission is to promote the engineering profession and serve as hosts for the  college; Engineering Student Council, an organization dedicated to increasing student involvement in the college; and Steel Ring Engineering Honor Society, best known for its role in planning, organizing and hosting K-State's annual Engineering Open House. Numerous other student organizations are also available under categories of departmental organizations and honorary societies, as well as groups within the college’s Multicultural Engineering Program and Women in Engineering program — each with its own leadership opportunities whether at the officer, committee or service level of membership.