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A Letter from the President:

Welcome to the Kansas State University Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers chapter webpage. Our site provides an overview of IISE as well as membership and leadership opportunities within our IISE chapter. You will also find updates on upcoming events within the Industrial Engineering department, organized by IISE members. As an organization, our goal is to provide opportunities for students to stay engaged with the Industrial Engineering department at K-state and expose students to the all the professional aspects of Industrial Engineering.  

Members of IISE are exposed to all the current and upcoming features and discoveries within the Industrial Engineering field. Newsletters, Member Digest forums, and monthly magazines provide members with valuable knowledge and incites that can help propel their professional career within Industrial Engineering. Members are also eligible for the Annual Regional Paper conference, meet and greet social hours with IISE members in the workforce, and special networking opportunities within the Industrial Engineering department.

We welcome you and hope you will consider joining! To become an official member please join through the following link:

Luke Streit

Kansas State University

2022-2023 IISE President