Digital Signs

The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering Dean's Office manages the content on the digital signs on the first floor of the engineering complex.

Use this form to submit any flyer, poster, etc. you feel is relevant and interesting to those walking through the engineering complex, including students, faculty or guests!

Only image files (format JPG/JPEG, PNG or GIF) are accepted. Often the easiest way to convert your file to an image is to take a screenshot.

If you would like an announcement shared in the weekly student e-newsletter, submit the online form.

Screenshot instructions (for Windows)
  • Open the file in the program used to created it (Word/Publisher/Acrobat/etc.).
  • Select the print preview option if available.
  • Zoom in until it mostly fills the screen.
  • Press Alt+print-screen (this takes a screen-shot of the active window, instead of taking a screen-shot of both of your monitors).
  • Open Microsoft Paint or another image editor, and press CTRL+V or the Paste option in the menu.
  • In Paint, use the rectangle select tool to select the flyer then press "Crop" to crop the file.
  • Save as a PNG file and upload the file to this form!