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Steel Ring is an Engineering Honor Society and has been a part of the K-State tradition since 1927. Its mission is to bring together top students from every engineering department to engage in the practice of leadership on campus and in the community.

Steel Ring 1927-1928

Steel Ring 1927-1928


Our best-publicized activities involve planning and hosting the annual College of Engineering Open House, but we also engage in community service events, fun team-building activities, and support fellow college-wide student organizations as needed.

Examples of our internal activities include:


Steel Ring meets privately on Mondays, every other week during the fall semester, and weekly during the spring semester. Meetings are about an hour long, depending on the agenda. Members are also organized into various committees (such as selections, rules, banquet, etc.) which may meet for additional, variable hours outside of this. 

For most members, a commitment to Steel Ring means a reasonably relaxed fall semester with an increasingly busy spring, until Open House takes place in April.

How to Join Steel Ring

Steel Ring accepts new members during the spring semester. Steel Ring will contact each engineering department head to request a list of student nominees. Students are also able to self-nominate if they meet the requirements. Those self-nominations will be sent to the Heads of each Department, and they will select the candidates they wish to have represent their department (in addition to the students who are nominated directly by their departments). In total, departments are asked to nominate at least six students (or more) who:

  • will be graduating in May, August or December the following year (OR students in their 3rd year of a concurrent program)
  • have excellent academic performance, with 3.0 GPA or higher
  • show strong history of involvement in their department, Carl R. Ice College of Engineering, and Kansas State University
  • exhibit excellent leadership skills

All nominations are confidential, and students who have been nominated will be emailed directly with an offer to apply. (This usually occurs in January.) As part of this application process, students may be interviewed and asked to provide a resume. (Interviews usually occur in February or March.)

After all interviews have concluded, Steel Ring will review the candidates and make final selections. As a rule, we strive to select at least 1 student (but no more than four) from each department. Whether or not you have been selected, you will be sent an email response notifying you of the Selection Committee's decision.

Students who have been selected to join Steel Ring may be invited to attend Steel Ring meetings (if they are available) that semester; this helps future members to prepare for their own Open House duties the following year.