Study Skills

Simple steps for engineering success:

#1 Tip for Academic Success

Anyone can be successful in engineering. But K-State has found one of the biggest factors for determining academic achievement is time management. Students can utilize the Time Management Chart (xls) in order to better use their time.

Time Management Tips

  • Use an organizational tool - calendar, planner, smart phone, etc. Fill out a time management chart each semester and commit yourself to this schedule.
  • Work on homework and projects when they are initially assigned. Do not procrastinate.
  • Take responsibility for your education and attend all classes. Be accountable for your education by doing your own work.
  • Plan to stay on campus most weekends during the semester. This is valuable time to study and do homework.

2-3 Hours of Study per Week per Credit Hour

To be academically successful, K-State engineering has found students need to spend two to three hours studying per week for each credit hour in which they are enrolled. Students can follow the Guide to Studying (pdf) for more studying tips or use one of the tutoring resources available to students at K-State.

Scholars Assisting Scholars (SAS) tutoring

SAS is a free, walk-in tutoring program provided in the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering.

Academic Assistance Center tutoring

The Academic Assistance Center provides free tutoring in a variety of courses to any K-State student. Students can sign up for one or more weekly tutoring sessions that meet in a small group with a peer tutor who will assist with course content and learning strategies.

Study Tips

  • Study with other students. Remove yourself from distractions — housing, video games, movies, social media, etc.
  • Get help early and often – get to know your instructors and professors. Prepare several days early for exams.
  • Complete and understand all of your homework. Do not try to memorize the material. Instead, learn to apply the underlying theories and there will be no need to memorize.
  • Do NOT work the first semester. Work only 10-15 hrs/week in future semesters.

4X a Day - Check Your Email

K-State uses three main IT tools: email, KSIS and Canvas, but email is the main form of communication at K-State.

Technology Tips

  • K-State Connect provides an easy-to-use interface and dashboard to help keep you organized.
  • Set up email on smart phone. Use email forwarding to existing email account if desired.
  • Check Canvas daily for new course information, assignments and grades.

6-8 Hours of Good Rest per Night

Getting enough sleep is critical to both your academic success and overall health and well-being.

Healthy Tips

  • Plan for both mental and physical breaks. It’s important to set aside time for exercise and recreation.
  • Eating properly and regularly is essential for your mind and body.
  • Cut back on sugary/energy drinks and make it a habit to drink plenty of water.
  • Cut back on screen time, and enjoy K-State’s beauty and diversity, i.e., go outside!