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Scholars Assisting Scholars (SAS) is a free tutoring program that employs students who attend a specific section of a course and serve as a tutoring resource to everyone enrolled in that section of the course.

Tutors attend the lecture, provide assistance consistent with course instruction and lead review sessions before each exam. SAS supports student success and learning for students in first- and second-year core science, math and computer science courses.

  • Students do not need to sign up for tutoring prior to a session;
  • walk-ins are welcome when the tutors are available to offer assistance with these courses.
  • SAS tutoring is located in the Burns & McDonnell Collaborative Learning Lab (CLL) in 1112 Engineering Hall.

This term tutors will support students in the following courses: CHM 210, CHM 230, PHYS 213, PHYS 214, MATH 150, MATH 220, MATH 221, MATH 222, MATH 340, DEN160/161, CE 333, ME 512 and ME 513. View the SAS calendar for the tutor schedule for each class.

Scholars Assisting Scholars


CLL and SAS conduct policy

Please review the conduct policy before using the CLL and SAS tutoring activities.

Contact us

If you have questions about the program, send an email to sastutoring@k-state.edu, or contact —

Shana Bender
Assistant Director
1112 Engineering Hall

SAS Tutoring

1112 Engineering Hall
1701D Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506