New Initiates

The Kansas Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi would like to offer our sincerest congratulations to the 16 new members that were initiated this semester. These students were invited to join Tau Beta Pi based upon the following criteria: academic excellence within the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering and having shown exemplary character during their tenure at Kansas State University. Tau Beta Pi, and specifically the Kansas Gamma Chapter, welcomes these new members. These new members are evidence that our work as an honorary society is leaving a lasting impact on engineering students. Congratulations Tau Beta Pi Class of Spring 2022!

The Kansas Gamma Chapter of Tau Beta Pi initiates new members each fall and spring semester. To be invited, juniors must rank among the top 1/8 of students in their class, and seniors must rank among the top 1/5 of students in their class.

Initiate Class of Spring 2022:

  • Hursen Adjovi - Computer Science
  • Brendan Becker - Chemical Engineering
  • Jacob Bengel - Computer Science
  • Trey Etzel - Computer Science
  • Aurora Gray - Electrical Engineering
  • Noah Hill - Mechanical Engineering
  • Eric Honas - Computer Science
  • Alex Howard - Electrical Engineering
  • Will Kelly - Mechanical Engineering
  • Matthew Leach - Mechanical Engineering
  • James Myose - Computer Science
  • Sebastian Neal - Computer Engineering
  • David Ochner - Electrical Engineering
  • Rohan Singh - Biomedical Engineering
  • Maguire Sullivan - Biomedical Engineering
  • Eric Yu - Computer Science