Recording Facilities

The Carl R. Ice College of Engineering is dedicated to providing technologies that can aid beyond the standard teaching methods. Many of the classrooms in the college are equipped with state of the art recording capabilities that allows instructors to record lectures that can be streamed by students through Canvas at any time.

The following rooms have recording capabilities:

0093 Engineering Hall
0096 Engineering Hall
0097 Engineering Hall
1109 Engineering Hall
1091 Fielder Hall
1092 Fielder Hall
2144 Fielder Hall
1066 Rathbone Hall
1027 Durland Hall
1032 Durland Hall

Instructors have the ability to self-record a lecture through the friendly build-in recording system or request a CECS staff member to handle all aspects of the recording process through our recording studios (0093, 0096, 0097 and 1109 Engineering Hall only). Our staff would also be happy to answer any questions you might have in regards to preparing and recording a lecture.

To learn more about the recording capabilities and review instructions for setting up a manual recording, follow the links below.

Recording in 0093, 0096 and 0097
Recording in 1112 Engineering Hall
Recording in 0087 and 0088 Fiedler Hall
Recording in 1091Fiedler Hall
Recording in 1092 Fiedler Hall
Recording in 1107 Fiedler Hall
Recording in 2144 Fiedler Hall
Recording in 1109 Engineering Hall and 1064 Rathbone Hall
Recording in 1066 Rathbone Hall
Recording in 1027 and 1032 Durland Hall
Recording in 1023, 1037, 2014, 2044 and 2046 Seaton Hall